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aka Kielletty kosketus ; The Hunted ; Touch-Me-Not ; Una secretaria para matar ; Jagad ; Verfolgungsjagd um Mitternacht
Ryhmä: Inter Vision

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Eleanor Sims (LEE REMICK) is a beautiful girl engaged as private secretary to Mr.Markley (IVAN DESNY), President of a large company producing top secret electronic devices in Montreal, Canada. She is visited one day by Cory Mason, a handsome young man who says he is a friend of Eleanor's brother who is working abroad.
Although Eleanor dislikes men, Cory succeeds in gaining her confidence. But Cory is not what he at first appears. With his friend Hugh, he is working on industrial espionage for a rival firm. Cory takes an office in the same building and taps Mr.Markley's telephone for secret information. Markley gets wise to their interference and orders a thorough investigation. They hastily dismantle their 'bugging' equipment in time to avoid suspicion. Hugh has had enough, leaving Cory to work alone. His friendliness with Eleanor gives him access to Markley's office. He gets hold of Eleanor's keys to steal some top secret documents which he intends to use as blackmail.
Returning home that night, Eleanor notices the keys to her office are missing. She goes back to the building, where she and the night watchman disturb Cory who is hiding in the next office. A vicious struggle takes place between the two men as Eleanor watches horrified. Cory stabs the old watchman, then pursues Eleanor in a terrifying chase throughout the deserted building.
Eleanor, half crazed with fear, re-lives her past life and the cause of her hatred of men. She can no longer distinguish between fantasy and reality. Tremendous suspense builds up as she is pursued by Cory.
The film's climax is dramatic and totally unexpected...!

In English with Finnish subtitles.

- Rothmans

Kuvasuhde: 1.33:1 (4:3)

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