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aka Cauchemares ; La maldición de Cathy ; La venganza de Cathy ; Une si gentille petite fille ; Maledetto sortilegio ; Cathys Fluch
Ryhmä: Inter Vision

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A bleak and foggy evening back in 1935. Joan Gimble packed her bags, took her young son George by the hand, abandoned her husband Bernard and small daughter, Laura. The pain caused by Joan's betrayal of her family was very short lived. That same evening, Bernard and Laura died in a terrifying automobile accident.
It is now some thirty years later. George (ALAN SCARFE) returns to the familiar surroundings of his boyhood home. With him is his wife, Vivian (BEVEY MURRAY) and their eight-year-old daughter, Cathy (RANDI ALLAN). Their dream is to recapture the peace and contentment they knew before Vivian lost her baby son during miscarriage, Vivian suffered a shattering nervous breakdown.
Within days, a series of diabolical and inexpliqable events occur. The Gimbles' find the bloodied and battered body of their housekeeper, Mary, on the patio. The family dog dies of a terrible disease. One of Cathy's playmates falls to th ground writing in pain, with blood streaming from her eyes.
From this gripping tale of death emerges a web of terror too horrible to contemplate. The Gimble family are torn apart, their ultimate dreams transformed into nightmares of excrutiating horror. An ordinary family dogged in their footsteps by evil. Their every movement taking them to the very bring of an abyss of terror from which there is no return.
What is the reason behind this terrifying tale...?
As the Gimbles' try to find an answer, they are surrounded by events so horrific as to be beyond all human powers of contemplation. From every side they are engulfed by floods of evil.
The answer to their nightmare lies in CATHY'S CURSE!

Id: A-AE 0374

- Rothmans

Kuvasuhde: 1.33:1 (4:3)

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