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aka Kuningas Salomonin aarre ; Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Treasure ; König Salomons Schatz ; Kong Salomons skatte ; Blago cara Solomona
Ryhmä: Inter Vision

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For centuries men have killed for it..died for it...lusted after it..."KING SOLOMON'S TREASURE." Beatrayed and betrayers, they have become victims of greed across a vast continent in search of treasure so rich it is beyond man's comprehension. The world's movie-makers have found "KING SOLOMON'S TREASURE" a subject of endless fascination for telling and re-telling.

The quest for treasure is as old as Mankind itself - and as new as tomorrow! Even today, parties of hunters will make the dangerous trek from many parts of the globe to win themselves a fortune in treasure beyond their wildest dreams... to get rich quick or to die in the attempt! The hardships they endure, the friendships made and broken as greed and lust separate partners each eager to own the lion's share of wealth and riches untold.

"KING SOLOMON'S TREASURE" tells of one such quest. It's full of breathtaking action...adventure...suspense..in a thriller to bring you to the very edge of your seat. Will they succeed where countless others have failed? Or will the lure of King Solomon's hidden gold claim yet more victims.?? Skulduggery and doublecross become a way of life, and sudden death, for those who risk all in search of "KING SOLOMON'S TREASURE"!

Id: A-AE0370

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